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About Us

Welcome to our site ! At SportsBettingInfo.com, we (Levi & Matt) are passionate about helping people learn about staying safe when placing sports bets online. We wanted to give everyone a little information about ourselves so that you can understand this is more than just a business for us. We run this website because we really care about people.


DSC_00432Levi has been involved in NFL and NHL fantasy sports since the early 2000. Since that time, he’s carefully watched as the Internet “grew up” and became popular. Today, he enjoys running this website by providing all his expertise of Fantasy Sports and mixing it with betting. He has made a name for himself in his social circle as the “sports betting guru” and when you read his analysis on our site of game match-ups, you’ll know why he called the Guru.


While Matt is a bit younger, he’s also been into sports betting for a while now. Being an avid sports bettor in MLB and NFL, he was the perfect fit to join SportsBettingInfo.com along with Levi to provide the viewers with thoroughly researched picks. He also takes care of the technical side of the website and makes sure it keeps going on a daily basis.

The Team

Both Matt and Levi are very interested in helping people learn the ins and outs of sports betting online and provide proper and well researched picks. The more you know the better off you’re going to be. This is the philosophy that the whole SportsBettingInfo.com team believes in.

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