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Betting on Parlays, Teasers and Pleasers | SportsBettingInfo.com

Betting on Parlays, Teasers and Pleasers

Parlays-vs.-TeasersWe talk often about the option for bettors to bet against the spread, on the moneyline, or bet on the total in a game, but there are definitely other popular ways to bet out there. On top of just popularity though, these options are considered to be some of the most interesting ways to bet on sports on the different online sports betting sites. The bets that we are talking about here are going to be parlays, teasers, and pleasers. These are all bets that include multiple teams in each bet, and they going to be the toughest bets to hit on the board. Why would you bet these then? You know exactly why, and it’s because the odds on them are going to pay out pretty nicely (at least for parlays and pleasers). Teasers are a whole different beast, but don’t worry, because we are going to break down all three of them and give some strategy behind betting on each of them as well.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that in parlays, teasers, and pleasers, money management is key. We can probably sit here and talk about money management for any and every type of sports bet out there, but it’s so very important to be careful with your bet sizing, the amount of teams in your bets, and anything else relating to these types of bets. Parlays and pleasers specifically are very tough to bet, so putting a ton of money on them consistently is going to be asking for some serious trouble if you have an off day and miss a few bets. On the other side though, sometimes teasers can just look too good to be true, and can end up spiraling downwards if you aren’t careful! Let’s explain the bets more in-depth here.


We’ve talked a bit about parlays here on Sportsbettinginfo.com, so you may already have a pretty good knowledge about what these bets are. These are some of the toughest bets out there, as they are going to include 2+ teams, and the max number of teams in the bet will just depend on the online betting site that you use. How they work though is that you are going to pick games either against the spread, on the moneyline, or a total, and they are going to go into a multiple team bet. If you have two teams, both teams have to hit, but you’ll get a good payout if they do. If you have three teams the payout gets better, and it keeps going all the way up from there. It’s not easy though by any means, and even though the odds may look good on an eight team parlay, hitting one of those is going to be a seriously tough task. Parlays pay out great, but if you are looking to do a parlay with multiple teams, then you may want to consider doing a round robin, which is just multiple small parlays.


A teaser is one of the most fun sports bets out there, because it gives you the chance to move a line in your favor, by quite a few points. Doing a 6 point teaser on the NFL for example, is still going to pay out pretty well (typically around -110), but it will include at least two teams. So, the line on an NFL game features a team at -13, doing a 6 point teaser would make that line -7 now. That’s a huge move since it makes it a two score win creating the cover, to just a one touchdown win giving you the push. You can also do 6.5, 7, and even teasers for more points if you want on NFL and NCAAFB. The more points that you move in a teaser the worse the odds get though, and the bet must include 2+ teams as previously mentioned. Just like in a parlay though, the more teams that you add, the better the odds are going to payout. You can also move the total as well in NFL and NCAAFB. For the NBA and NCAABB though, teasers will be for fewer points, and most sites are going to offer anywhere from around 4.5 points to 6 points that you can move the spreads, with the same odds applying.


For the pleaser betting option, it’s just the opposite of a teaser. So basically you can do a six point pleaser, and instead of making a team go from -13, they will go to -20. These bets almost must include at least two teams in them, and they can be tough. Obviously the reason why you would look into doing a pleaser is because the odds on these bets are going to be very, very nice. So if you think that a line just is too low, and you want to add on points, then you can do a two team pleaser that will pay out around +600 on most sites. The odds just keep going up from there, and they can end up giving you some very nice pay days if you hit a fairly big pleaser bet. These bets are offered on football and basketball usually depending on your sports betting site.

Here is a nice video by FootballGuru explaining Parlays and Teasers

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