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College Basketball Betting Guide | SportsBettingInfo.com

College Basketball Betting

130214222444-uconn-syracuse-single-image-cutWe’ve previously talked about the fact that the NBA can have a ridiculous amount of games throughout the season to bet on, and that each night of the week is going to take some time to research. With that being said though, it doesn’t come anywhere NEAR the amount of games and betting action that you could potentially end up having in College Basketball. College Basketball has FAR more teams, and far more games for you to bet on each night. I’d say there’s probably one night per week that the number of games is down just a bit, and that’s Friday. Even on Friday in College Basketball though there are still plenty of great betting options, so you really need to be prepared for College Basketball betting.

So what’s the best way to prepare? It’s by doing a whole lot of research for the College Basketball season, and researching stats on many different games. It can take some time, but I’d just find your favorite games that have your favorite angles that you enjoy taking advantage of, and just jump all over the research of those games. I will definitely say that a key to having success in betting on College Basketball is to make sure that you expand beyond just the Top 25 games that happen each week. Some of the toughest games to bet can actually be those games that have ranked teams in them, and it’s important to research many different teams and match-ups.

Total Betting

The reason why I mention total betting on College Basketball is actually because of how TOUGH it can really be. These numbers you’ll see for the College Basketball games are obviously going to be far lower than NBA games. This is for many reasons, one of which is that there are more mistakes, the games are shorter, and that there are really just more bad shots taken overall. Add that in with the fact that there is a 35 second shot clock, and you’ll find that teams can be tough to read in terms of their projected points. I’m careful about total betting in College Basketball unless you find a great spot where teams lock in on defense, or can light up the scoreboard.

Ranking College Basketball Bets

It’s so, so, very important that you rank your bets in College Basketball. If you are sitting back and making a list of the games that you like that you want to bet on, then it’s likely going to be a VERY long list on the days where there are a ton of games. If you don’t rank your bets, then you are going to have a boatload of games, and not know how much you are going to be betting, or what you really want to bet. Even if you rank bets 1-3 units, and just bet small on your one unit plays, and a bit bigger on two unit bets, and the largest on three unit bets, it’s a good idea to have some type of a system laid out.

Prop Bets

It’s not very often that you can find prop bets when betting on College Basketball games, but if there are big games, then you can find prop bets that may actually end up being better than the game itself. A prime example of this (if the sports betting site that you use offers it) is when two top 10 or top 25 teams meet, you could get a bet on which superstar from the opposing teams is going to end up scoring the most points in the game. While you may not have a clue on which way the game will go, you could end up feeling far more confident about the prop bets on the big game.

College Basketball Teasers

One thing I need to make sure to point out right out of the gate is that I don’t typically recommend doing teasers on the TOTALS in College Basketball. It’s just not worth taking the odds in most situations when the totals are so tough to call in the first place. I do recommend checking out teasers on the actual game lines though. You can find some great teasers in College Basketball. A teaser is simply two or more teams, and it allows you to move the spread of the game anywhere from 4 to 6.5 points (more or less on some betting sites), and the odds are going to vary depending on the number of teams that you have in the teaser. A prime example of a good spot is if you find a game where you think that it’ll be a fairly close game, but the spread is only +5 for the underdog, you can do a 5 or 5.5 point teaser to move that line to +10 or +10.5 for the underdog, which is obviously a pretty big difference. I’d say that losing by 4 is considered a close game, while losing by 10 could be considered a much easier win.

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