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College Football Betting Guide | SportsBettingInfo.com

College Football Betting

college-football-mapWhile we’ve talked already about NFL betting and how huge that is, you can only imagine that College Football betting is right up there with the NFL. Every single Saturday you can find College Football games running consistently from right at 12pm EST with the late games starting between 10:30pm and even up to 11pm or 11:30pm EST. There are games all day, and if you have the College Football package, or even just like to kick back on Saturday’s and watch a whole lot of football, then College Football is probably your favorite sport to bet on. There are a ton of different NCAAFB betting options on the board, and we’ll look more in-depth at them below, but also give some thoughts on strategy behind College Football betting.

Although many of the strategy aspects behind College Football betting is going to be similar to NFL betting, there are definitely some differences. It’s also worth noting that while the NFL locks in to just a few days (it’s typically three nights a week that have NFL games on), College Football goes the other way with that. By the middle to the end of the College Football season you are going to notice that there are not only games all day on Saturday, but also games on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, and Friday’s as well. So you are basically going to have multiple betting options each night from Tuesday-Saturday, with the full days on Saturday. It can be overwhelming, but if you’re smart about it, then you can be making money consistently all week!

Bowl Game Betting

Another time that is worth talking about is Bowl season. You have to love the Bowl games once they are released, and there are always some incredible games to watch. The BCS National Championship game always caps off Bowl Game season, but pretty much for a full month through the winter months you are going to see the best teams in the country playing in big games all over the country. The games feature ONLY teams who are .500 or better through the regular season, so you can get some seriously quality football. Don’t get crazy betting on these games though, and make sure you find games that have good angles that you can take advantage of!

Halftime Betting

While we will cover a good bit of the same information here that we did for NFL betting, I’d have to say that for me, Halftime betting in College Football is great. It’s an excellent spot where you can find great lines on teams who just got off to slow starts, or even on teams who are dominating and should continue dominating. You can find lines that really just are a bit off, and also some great totals for the second half that we should be jumping on. I really like halftime betting, but I do recommend watching the games to get a feel for how the game is going to that point.

Spread and Total Betting

We’re putting these two together here for College Football as they are the most popular types of bets, and they are going to be the route to go more often than not. Spread bets just feature you either betting on a team to win by a certain number of points or more (being favored or “laying points”) or betting on the underdog, or a team to lose by less than X points, or win the game outright. The total will just feature the expected number of points in the game, and you can bet the over or the under. The total bets can be spots where you need to look for strong offenses that are against below average defense to grab the over, and the other way around the bet the under!

Parlays and Round Robins

Parlays and round robins are going to just be multiple bets that include the spread or the total of a game. Now, a parlay can be anywhere from two teams up to around 10-15 depending on the actual sports betting site that you use. The key here is that if you do a parlay, EVERY team in the parlay has to win for you to win your bet. So if you do two teams, and both teams cover the spread (or the total), then you will get paid out bigger odds than a normal bet. Obviously a ten team parlay is going to pay out massively if you hit, but they are insanely hard to hit.

For round robin bets, these are basically just small teaser bets. So you will pick four teams for example, and do a round robin that features those four teams in a bunch of smaller parlays. So maybe you pick the four teams, and want to do three team parlays with them. In that case, it would be four different three team parlays. These won’t pay out as large as a four team parlay would, but you have a ton of action out there, and I’d recommend doing these when you have more teams (five or more usually), as it’s a great way to still get paid out nicely if you end up missing a few bets.

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