NBA Basketball Betting: Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs

Added June 13, 2014 by Levi Watkins

The Miami Heat’s maddening tendency to ‘phone in’ their performances has finally caught up with them. In fact, the San Antonio Spurs basically shoved it down their throat as they came out smoking from the start of both Games 3 and 4 and routed the Heat in each. Now the Heat head back to San Antonio down 3-1 and looking very disorganized and defeated. LeBron James is already addressing his future free agency plans and that’s never a good sign during a series.

We’ve discussed the problem with this Miami Heat team repeatedly during the NBA playoffs but it’s worth reiterating again as it explains where we’re at in this series. The Miami Heat think they’re more talented than they really are. To be sure they’re a very talented team–arguably the most talented in the NBA–but they’re not talented enough to just ‘turn it on and off’ and beat teams. They are able to get far playing like this. They made it through the regular season with the second best record in the Eastern Conference and made it through the playoffs and back to the Finals. The problem now is that they’re facing a team with arguably just as much talent and a much better focus and work ethic.

That’s why no one expressed much concern when Miami was routed by San Antonio in Game 3. The expectation was that they’d do what they’ve always done and did earlier in the series after losing Game 1. The problem is that the Heat players fell into this ‘expectation’ as well while the Spurs didn’t buy into the script. Now the Heat are stunned, the Spurs are a team with all the momentum and an obvious killer instinct.

Whether or not LeBron James stays in Miami or goes elsewhere is immaterial at this point. The reality is that this Heat team is just not very mentally tough. They certainly aren’t focused nor to they ‘bring it’ every night. And they’re facing a team that is all of those things and almost certainly better coached. Don’t expect the Spurs to give the Heat the chance to get back in the series. They’ll put the stake through the Heat’s heart with a win and cover in Game 5.


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