NBA Playoff Betting: Miami Heat at Indiana Pacers

Added May 17, 2014 by Levi Watkins

The NBA Eastern Conference finals ended up like everyone thought it would with the #1 seeded Indiana Pacers hosting the #2 seeded Miami Heat. That’s the obvious storyline though how the teams got to this point isn’t quite as ‘obvious’. Actually, for Miami it pretty much is–they’ve been sleepwalking through the playoffs to this point turning up the intensity when needed to dispatch inferior Charlotte and Brooklyn. For Indiana, the playoffs have been nothing that anyone expected. They’ve looked downright awful at points–they needed 7 games to beat overmatched #8 seed Indiana and then were outplayed for long stretches against a young and talented Washington team that still may be a year or two away from their prime. They managed to persevere, however, and now they’re four victories away from reaching the NBA Finals and eliminating the defending champions in the process.

But can Indiana win this series? The linesmakers sure don’t think much of their chances–despite Indiana holding home court advantage the Miami Heat are a -400 favorite to win this series. The Heat opened a -1′ point favorite for Game 1 but have been bet up to -2′ or even -3 in some spots. It’s hard to argue with that logic despite the fact that the Pacers won three of four meetings during the regular season. The Heat have looked disinterested at various points in the postseason but Indiana has looked downright inept. The Heat have lost one game SU during the playoffs and its hard to see the Pacers regaining their midseason form when they’ve looked far short of that during the playoffs.

One of the Pacers’ big problems during the playoffs has been a dependable ‘go to’ scorer which isn’t a problem for Miami since they’ve got three of them–including LeBron James aka the best player in basketball. The Heat can match the Pacers defensively and have a significant edge on the offensive end of the court which is why they should win this game and this series. The Pacers know how to beat the Heat but not sure they’ll be able to execute what worked for them in the regular season given their current form and the focus of the Heat.


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