NFL Football Betting: Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos

Added September 12, 2015 by Levi Watkins

The first Sunday of the 2015 NFL football season takes us to Denver, Colorado where the home town Broncos will host the Baltimore Ravens. Both teams made the playoffs last season and although Denver had a better record (12-4 vs. 10-6) the teams aren’t that far apart qualitatively. The Broncos had no trouble with the Ravens when the teams played at this venue in 2013 winning 49-27 in the season opener for both teams.

Although Peyton Manning has returned for what will almost certainly be his final season we’re not sold on him. He’s 39 years old, has been through repeated neck surgeries and is just not where he was physically even two years ago. Note his preseason comment that he no longer has feeling in his fingertips–that’s not a good sign and something that suggests that he could break down before our eyes this year. Even if he does manage to stay healthy, it’s unlikely that he can regain anywhere near his top form.

Were the physical demands of football not enough to give Manning trouble in 2015 don’t forget that despite being a veteran, playoff experienced team the Broncos are breaking in a new head coach this season. Gary Kubiak has replaced former head coach John Fox and he’s trying to retrofit the Broncos into a run oriented team. This might make sense in theory–and could help protect Manning physically–it’s a risky proposition so late in his career. Manning doesn’t really fit into a rush oriented attack but it has a significant advantage of helping keep him upright. At any rate, it’s a conundrum that Manning and his teammates will have to address.

Protecting Manning will be even more of a challenge facing the formidable pass rush of the Ravens who have also upgraded their secondary in the offseason. Baltimore has a reputation of being a team that is good at home/bad on the road but that’s a bit of an exaggeration. We’re going to view the Broncos as overvalued until they give us a reason to do otherwise or until the betting lines catch up. You can make a pretty compelling case that Baltimore is the better team and they are certainly the more cohesive team with John Harbaugh at the helm.


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