NFL Football Betting: New York Jets at New York Giants

Added August 29, 2015 by Levi Watkins

For a ‘meaningless’ preseason game the annual matchup between the New York Jets and New York Giants is about as significant as it gets. These franchises simply don’t like each other. Their fanbases like each other even less. Compounding the hatred is the fact that the teams play in the same stadium but the Jets are clearly ‘second class citizens’. Throw in the fact that this is ‘dress rehearsal game’ week and this could be surprisingly intense for a preseason game.

As we stress in virtually every writeup on preseason football action it’s a completely different animal from regular season action. Anyone who watches a NFL preseason game can see that. More significantly for our purposes, however, is the fact that handicapping a preseason game is also completely different. In some ways it’s a ‘bizarro world’ where the qualities that make a team successful in the regular season can work against them in the preseason.

That might be the case here. The Giants are without a doubt Eli Manning’s team but he’s look rusty so far. Then again, he hasn’t had a full compliment of tools at his disposal–his top three targets Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle have yet to be on the field at the same time. It won’t happen this week either as Cruz has been ruled out due to injury. Behind Manning, the backups are Ryan Nassib and Ricky Stanzi.

The Jets, meanwhile, are without starting quarterback Geno Smith but have a reasonably capable short term option with backup Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is expected to get most of the playing time tonight with Baylor rookie Bryce Petty and veteran Matt Flynn behind him on the depth chart. Petty is a very intriguing prospect and while Flynn might not be a ‘franchise quarterback’ he’s a pretty solid option for a preseason game.

For whatever reason, this preseason matchup has always meant more to the Jets. And with up to 70% of the public on the Giants by some metrics we’d much rather have the ‘sharp side’. That’s the New York Jets who are the healthier team with the better QB rotation.


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