NFL Football Betting: Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots

Added September 08, 2015 by Levi Watkins

It’s been a very tumultuous off-season for the New England Patriots but in the end everything worked out in their favor. After a Summer in which the NFL subjected Tom Brady to the silliest ‘investigation’ in sports history only to see their suspension overturned the Patriots will be ready to start their defense of the Super Bowl Championship in the traditional Thursday night opening game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. And since Roger Goodell is incapable of acting like an adult in this matter the butthurt NFL Commissioner will ‘boycott’ one of his league’s biggest events of the year.

It might be for the best since this game sets up well for the Patriots. Even better–it sets up well for Brady to put up some big numbers. Simply put, the Steelers aren’t the team that they once were. Their defense is very inexperienced and ripe for the picking. Making the potential for a Brady field day even more significant, the Steelers’ defense lacks outside pass rushers and doesn’t have much talent at cornerback. In other words, plenty of opportunities for Brady. The last time these teams met at Gillette Stadium the Steelers’ defense gave up the most points allowed in franchise history as Brady threw for 432 yards and four touchdowns en route to a 55-31 win. We won’t call for a reprise of that career day, but the reality hasn’t changed for Pittsburgh.

There’s plenty of bad news on the other side of the ball for Pittsburgh as well. They’re without top center Maurkice Pouncey (he won’t be back until late in the season due to an ankle injury) and running back Le’Veon Bell and wide receiver Martavis Bryant are both suspended. The Patriots are never a team that wins with defense but the Steelers just made things significantly easier.

So the question becomes ‘can the Steelers outscore the Patriots?’ We sure don’t think so and especially given the important missing pieces in the Steelers’ offensive scheme. The total looks about right but we’ll lay the touchdown and look for the Patriots to drop a statement on the league. More significantly, we look for Brady to extend a metaphorical middle finger to Roger Goodell with a strong performance.


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