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NFL Football Betting: New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers

Read More Added August 28, 2015

Week Three of the NFL Preseason has historically been considered the ‘dress rehearsal’ game. Starters get more playing time and coaches more closely evaluate execution rather than evaluating talent. In …


NFL Football Betting: Cincinnati Bengals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Read More Added August 24, 2015

Week 2 of NFL preseason action ends tonight as the Cincinnati Bengals face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the ‘Cigar City’. The Bengals looked good in their preseason debut last …


NFL Football Betting: New England Patriots at New Orleans Saints

Read More Added August 20, 2015

One of the worst things you can do when handicapping sports is to by into the ‘conventional wisdom’. There’s a reason that being a contrarian is a successful long term …


NFL Preseason Betting: Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers

Read More Added August 19, 2015

The early game on a three game slate for Sunday would be a very compelling matchup in the regular season. In the preseason, not so much. That doesn’t mean it’s …


NFL Preseason Betting: Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins

Read More Added August 19, 2015

There are many ways to approach sports betting but often it comes down to a pretty simple concept: perception versus reality. The ‘public’ often thinks that certain teams are ‘better’ …


NFL Preseason Betting: Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets

Read More Added August 18, 2015

NFL preseason is underway and as is the case every year there’s a wide range of opinion about the wisdom of betting pro football exhibition action. On one hand, the …

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady

NFL Football Betting: Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots

Read More Added January 17, 2015

The Indianapolis Colts are coming off an upset of the Denver Broncos and will try to pull another shocker on Sunday as they travel to Foxboro, MA to take on …


NFL Football Betting: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys

Read More Added January 03, 2015

Sunday playoff action in the NFC features a matchup between the NFC East Champion Dallas Cowboys and the wild card entrant Detroit Lions. Dallas is pumped to have their best …


NFL Football Betting: Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers

Read More Added December 07, 2014

Putting together a NFL schedule is tough. More specifically, booking games for the ‘prime time’ TV slots–Thursday, Sunday and Monday night–isn’t easy. Games that look great ‘on paper’ before the …


NFL Football Betting: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

Read More Added December 01, 2014

The New York Jets continue their season as the ‘walking dead’ tonight as they host the improving Miami Dolphins. For the Jets, the ‘Michael Vick era’ came and went after …