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Super Bowl Prop Bets, Part II

Read More Added January 28, 2014

The experienced bettor is fully aware of Super Bowl prop bets. But the beauty of these gimmicky wagers is that anyone can win big, even those who don’t know anything …


Super Bowl Prop Bets, Part I

Read More Added January 27, 2014

Now that the surprisingly competitive Pro Bowl is out of the way, the focus of the football world firmly shifts to Super Bowl XLVIII. Depending on the oddsmakers, the spread …


Lessons Learned From Super Bowl XLII

Read More Added January 24, 2014

The popular narrative heading into Super Bowl XLVIII is the showdown between Denver’s number one offense and Seattle’s number one defense. This marks only the fifth time in Big Game …


Pro Bowl Prop Bets

Read More Added January 23, 2014

The NFL’s quest to make the Pro Bowl relevant and watchable reached new heights of silliness this past week. The switch to a fantasy draft format with honorary captains Deion …


Super Bowl Betting History

Read More Added January 22, 2014

No sporting event in America draws more gambling interest than the Super Bowl. Countless amounts of money will change hands two Sundays from now as professional and amateur bettors look …


Super Bowl XLVIII MVP Odds

Read More Added January 21, 2014

Unlike the NFL regular season MVP award, the Super Bowl isn’t afraid to give its trophy to someone other than a quarterback or running back. Since Super Bowl XXX, seven …


2015 Super Bowl Odds

Read More Added January 21, 2014

Okay, so Super Bowl XLVIII hasn’t even been played yet, but it’s never too early to look ahead to next season. With only one game remaining in the 2013 season, …


Super Bowl XLVIII Line

Read More Added January 20, 2014

The smoke has cleared from the NFL playoffs and the two “best” teams in the league are left standing to vie for Super Bowl XLVIII. The last time the top …


NFC Championship: 49ers at Seahawks

Read More Added January 17, 2014

The officiating crew better be on their toes Sunday night, because there is no love lost between San Francisco and Seattle. Look for shoving matches, trash talk, late hits, and …


AFC Championship: Patriots at Broncos

Read More Added January 16, 2014

For all the nauseating hype heaped upon this season’s AFC title tilt, there is something satisfying about seeing a pair of future Hall of Fame quarterbacks go head-to-head to decide …