Super Bowl XLVIII Review

Added February 03, 2014 by Levi Watkins

Well, that was unexpected. Anyone who correctly predicted the lopsided Super Bowl XLVIII outcome deserves every cent of their winnings. Just how bad was the beatdown delivered by the Seahawks? In Peyton Manning’s two seasons in Denver, he suffered seven defeats by a total of 41 points. Only one of those losses was by double-digits. Needless to say, a 35-point drubbing came from way out in left field. It was unbearable to watch and the biggest blowout since the Bucs throttled the Raiders 48-21 in Super Bowl XXXVII. Here’s a review of the massacre.

Defense wins… – Four out of five matchups between a top rated offense and defense have gone to the latter. It’s not a huge sample size, but it’s apparent that pass heavy attacks struggle against dominant defenses with two weeks to prepare.

Speaking of defense – They might not be the ’85 Bears or ’00 Ravens, but the ’13 Seahawks have to go down as one of the most talented units to ever compete in the Super Bowl. Just how deep is this defense? Linebacker Malcolm Smith, who might be the least-known Seattle player, won the game’s MVP. He’s not even a full-time starter.

No shows – Obviously the Broncos defense and special teams didn’t bother to show up, but what happened to Eric Decker, Julius Thomas, and Knowshon Moreno? None of them made an impact, which won’t serve them well in their bids to receive lucrative contract extensions.

Peyton’s future – Two awful interceptions, a handful of errant throws, and one meaningless touchdown. If Peyton calls it quits (which seems unlikely), it wasn’t a swan song to remember. All those regular season offensive records and accolades lose a lot of their sheen after such a woeful performance. Manning didn’t botch the snap that led to a safety or allow Percy Harvin to house a kickoff, but he was far from impressive on the big stage.

Dynasty in the making? – Seattle has the league’s fourth youngest roster. Russell Wilson is only 25. Guys like Michael Bennett and Clinton McDonald need to be re-signed, but a healthy Percy Harvin and the potential return of suspended cornerback Brandon Browner means the 2014 Seahawks might be even deeper. That’s bad news for the rest of the NFL.

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