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NHL Hockey Betting: Los Angeles Kings at Boston Bruins

Read More Added January 31, 2015

The defending Los Angeles Kings aren’t having the follow up season they expected and at this point are just scrapping to make the playoffs. They’ll face a tough road challenge …


NHL Hockey Betting: St. Louis Blues at Carolina Hurricanes

Read More Added January 30, 2015

East against West on Friday night as the St. Louis Blues make the trip to Raleigh, NC to face the Carolina Hurricanes. St. Louis is coming off a hard fought …


NHL Hockey Betting: Pittsburgh Penguins at Washington Capitals

Read More Added January 28, 2015

The Pittsburgh Penguins got the second half of the the season off to a winning start at home against Winnipeg last night but now must hit the road for a …


NHL Hockey Betting: Washington Capitals at Columbus Blue Jackets

Read More Added January 27, 2015

The Washington Capitals and Columbus Blue Jackets both ended the first half of the season on a losing note and will now try to get the post All Star Break …


NHL Hockey Betting: Columbus Blue Jackets at Winnipeg Jets

Read More Added January 21, 2015

Non-conference action will conclude the first half of the season for the Columbus Blue Jackets and Winnipeg Jets as they face off at the MTC Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The …


NHL Hockey Betting: Columbus Blue Jackets at Minnesota Wild

Read More Added January 19, 2015

Two teams looking to fight their way into a wild card spot in their respective conference will go at it in St. Paul on Monday night as the Minnesota Wild …


NHL Hockey Betting: New York Rangers at Columbus Blue Jackets

Read More Added January 16, 2015

The fact that the Columbus Blue Jackets are anywhere close to .500 after their injury riddled start to the season speaks volumes to the character inside their locker room. A …

Edmonton Oilers v Vancouver Canucks

NHL Hockey Betting: Vancouver Canucks at Philadelphia Flyers

Read More Added January 15, 2015

The Vancouver Canucks were one of the surprise teams in the early part of the NHL season but they’ve cooled off considerably heading in to Thursday’s game against the Philadelphia …


NHL Hockey Betting: Minnesota Wild at Pittsburgh Penguins

Read More Added January 13, 2015

NHL action for Tuesday night pits East against West as the Pittsburgh Penguins host the Minnesota Wild. The Wild are in freefall at the moment which is going to result …


NHL Hockey Betting: Colorado Avalanche at Washington Capitals

Read More Added January 12, 2015

East against West on a short card of NHL hockey action for Monday as the Colorado Avalanche head East to take on the Washington Capitals. The Caps have been playing …