World Cup Betting: Brazil vs. Netherlands

Added July 11, 2014 by Levi Watkins

The World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany will take place on Sunday but Saturday will feature the third place game between Brazil and the Netherlands. The conventional wisdom is that consolation games like this are ‘meaningless’ but that’s usually not the case in the World Cup where the third place game is often a very exciting and competitive affair.

The question then becomes ‘what will be the mindset of each team heading in to the third place game?’ Brazil and the Netherlands lost their semifinal games in drastically different ways. The host country of Brazil was trounced by Germany in a defeat of embarrassing and historic proportions. The Netherlands, meanwhile, fell short in a war of attrition with Argentina. The match ended scoreless and had to be settled in penalty kicks.

The prevailing theory on this game seems to be that Brazil will want to ‘redeem themselves’ for the embarrassment and sorrow they’ve caused the entire country. Maybe they do–but the reality is that the Brazil team just isn’t that good. They’re certainly not as good as the betting public thinks they are and more problematically as *they* think they are. The biggest concern might be their ‘mental game’– not exactly the mentally toughest bunch. Every time the game started to go against them during the World Cup they looked on the verge of coming unglued. Neymar blubbering like a baby about how his injury ‘could have paralyzed him’ is all you need to know about this marshmallow soft team. The reality is that everything about the 2014 World Cup was tilted in Brazil’s favor from the venue to the group draw to the scheduling.

The Netherlands are just the better team and certainly the more focused and disciplined side. The other ‘conventional wisdom’ is that in a game where both teams will play ‘loose’ that the Dutch have no chance against Brazil. Guess again–Brazil’s midfield is questionable, their defense is porous and they’ll still be without Neymar. Both teams should get on the board but look for a Netherlands team that has been underrated throughout this tournament to prevail over Brazil’s overrated group of one namers.


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