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MLB Baseball Betting Guide | SportsBettingInfo.com

MLB Baseball Betting

mlbUnlike many of the sports that we cover here at Sportsbettinginfo.com, you are going to find that MLB betting is going to be a bit different than most sports. While there is a “spread” put on every game, it’s just -1.5 for the favorite or +1.5 for the underdog. These are spreads that come along with odds that move around a good bit as the first pitch approaches. While there are spreads, the runline is actually the most popular type of bet in MLB betting. We’ll look more in-depth at the types of bets that are offered with MLB betting, but also look at a few tips for how to make sure that you aren’t jumping on a team whose odds just aren’t worth the bet at the end of the day.

Many times, a team is going to have their stud pitcher coming out, and you’ll think that it’s going to be easy money betting on the runline (more on the runline below). Well, that’s not always the case, because if you have to pay odds of -240 even more, then it definitely is a risky, risky bet that won’t be worth it more often than not. Betting -240 on a pitcher means that you’d have to bet $240 to win $100 or $24 to win $10. That’s a lot to risk in order to win much, much less than the bet itself. This happens more often in baseball than you’d think, which is why you need to really take the time to research bets, and find the BEST bets that are available for the full slate of games.

MLB betting is similar to how the NBA is going to work in terms of the number of bets that are out there each and every day. MLB has a ton of games (162 to be exact), so there are almost always games going, and almost always action to be had. This includes day games that you can often get on, and also a full slate of late night games. You need to make sure to give yourself the time to research all of the options out there, and don’t get crazy when looking at the odds on games!


The idea behind the runline is exactly like betting on the moneyline on an NFL or NBA game. You are going to be simply picking a team to win the game, and they don’t need to win it by any specific amount of runs. In baseball, you’ll find that there are a surprising number of times when teams are favored by -1.5 and you feel like you should jump on the better odds, but it ends up being a one run game. This is why the runline is usually the popular bet out of the options that are available, and if you can get the right odds then it’s the smart bet as well in many situations. Take a look at the odds on a runline bet in comparison to a -1.5 bet before you place your final wager.


In baseball betting, I think that parlays can be one of the best options out there. The key reason for this is because if you really like a game or a match-up for one team, but the odds are just too much for you to feel good about putting a bet down, then you can parlay it with another game that is similar to that, and it’ll leave you with some pretty decent odds on two games that you feel very, very strongly about. Now, obviously I wouldn’t go crazy with the parlays, but doing a two team parlay with two teams you really like, or even bumping it up to a three game parlay can be a great way to get some odds, and to have a bet that pays out pretty nicely when all is said and done.

First Five Innings

I really like the first five innings bet that you can take advantage of with MLB betting, and this is mainly because it really gives you the chance to bet on the specific pitcher that you like. While it says that you are betting on a pitcher with the specific game, you’ll find that more often than not the bullpen gets involved. If you don’t feel incredibly confident in a team’s bullpen that you are looking to bet on, but you really like the match-up with the starting pitcher, then you can do a first five innings bet, and could potentially still end up getting some decent odds that will make the bet worth it.

MLB betting can be tough, but it can also be incredibly profitable if it’s done in a smart way. Research is key just like in any type of sports betting, but also making sure to find the best bets, and not just the MOST bets each day is going to be the way to find consistent success.

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