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NBA Basketball Betting Guide | SportsBettingInfo.com

NBA Basketball Betting

nba-basketballIf you are looking to grind out results for months and months and months, then NBA betting is definitely the way to go for you. Be careful though, because NBA betting can be a tough task, mainly because of how often you are going to have a ton of different betting options available on the board in front of you. Almost night in and night out there are multiple games (typically at least 2-3, with some nights having anywhere from 8-10 games). When betting on the NBA, you are going to have a wide range of betting options, and you’ll also find that unlike in many sports, the lines are going to be very different between the different online sports betting sites very often.

An edge that you can gain when sports betting on many sports is being able to take advantage of better lines on one sports betting site over another, but the NBA lines don’t move a ton unless there is some type of an injury, or some key news comes out. Regardless though, if you find that you can get a line that is -8 on one site instead of -8.5 on another site, that’s a big spot, due to the fact that we definitely see games coming right down to the wire to decide whether or not you get the cover.

There are a few different betting options that we’d recommend for the NBA, and it’s important to know what you are looking for when betting on the NBA. This is going to include things like some trends on specific teams, or just looking at how teams have played at home against how they have played on the road. We’ll look at this, plus look at some of the best betting options on the NBA as well below in our NBA betting guide, so let’s jump into it.

Road Trips, Returning From Road Trips, and Home and Home’s

These are all a few things that I make sure to look into before betting on the NBA. The NBA season is a serious grind, and you are going to find that there are many spots where “Team A is better than Team B” isn’t going to make up a good bet. Road trips are incredibly tough on teams, and if you get a good team who is running on fumes going into the home stretch of their road trip, then you could end up having a strong bet the other way on your hands, depending on the team and the situation.

As far as coming BACK from a road trip, I’m not always huge on jumping right onto a team returning home, unless they had some type of time off from their trip to recover a bit. If the match-up is a good one though, and they aren’t laying a ton of points (possibly due to a rough end to the road trip), then you could be looking at a major winning spot there.

Last but not least is the good ole “home and home” situation that we see every so often in the NBA. It seems to happen early in the season more than later, but it’s basically when two teams play, and then travel to their opponents’ house and play the next night or the night after. In these situations, I love to take a hard look at the team who LOSES game one of the home and home, unless there’s just no possible way for the losing team in game one to grab a win in game two.

Total Betting in the NBA

I’m specifically pointing out total betting in the NBA, mainly because I feel like there are many times that totals just aren’t set right where they should be. Finding a good place that can give expected totals to base your bets off of is good, and if you find spots where two high scoring teams are going at it, don’t be scared of a high total. Many bookmakers aren’t going to make the totals nearly as high as they should be in many situations, and this could leave you with a great over bet. On the other side though, if you can find a very, very good defensive team against a solid offensive team, the total could definitely be set too high.

There are quite a few things that make-up a great NBA bet, and while the point spread and the total bets will be the two most popular, you can never overlook a good parlay or round robin option for the busy nights where you have quite a few bets on the board that you like. Don’t get crazy with your NBA bets on those busy nights though, and make sure that you are only sticking with your top bets night in and night out, as that’s the way to make money consistently!

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