Union College Wins First NCAA Hockey Title

Added April 11, 2014 by Levi Watkins

Union College is a 2,400 student liberal arts college in Schenectady, N.Y that competes in Division 3 in all sports with the exception of hockey. This weekend they proved they belong at the highest level of college hockey as they defeated Minnesota 7-4 for their first NCAA hockey championship. They’ve competed in Division 1 hockey since 1992-93 but it took them some time to advance to the top level of the sport.

The final game was somewhat atypical of both teams’ seasons–11 goals were scored in all which is surprising for a pair of teams known for their defensive toughness. Union went on a huge scoring barrage in the first period, netting three goals in under two minutes to stun their opponents and set the tone for their victory. Union captain Mat Bodie made note of the offensive shootout:

“Both teams are better defensively than a 7-4 score shows. It’s just one of those games where crazy bounces happen. We just wanted to stick with our process. We thought we were playing pretty well and great things happened.”

Bodie said it was tough to stay focused before and during the biggest game in Union history:

“Just one shift at a time. This is the biggest game of our lives, hands down, but you’ve got to treat it like any other game. It was tough, I had people texting me, people calling me and stuff, and, you know, it was real tough to keep that mindset, but with our sport psychologist we were able to get that done.”

Union went 16-0-1 in their last 17 games and defeated Boston College in the semifinals.

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