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UFC & MMA Betting Guide | SportsBettingInfo.com

UFC & MMA Betting

ufc-ultimate-fighting-championshipThere are many, many popular sports to bet on today, with the NFL, NCAAFB, NBA, NCAABB, NHL, and Soccer taking a premium. With that being said though, one major sport that is flourishing is MMA, and UFC specifically. MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts has grown internationally, and is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. On top of that, there are some massive fights that you know we can get some great bets down on. Not only is MMA becoming increasingly popular to watch around the world, but betting on it is becoming massive. MMA is different than anything we’ve seen, as there is not only punching and kicking, but also grappling, which can be done either standing up or on the ground, as the entire fight basically allows the fighters to just go at it until we crown the winner.

MMA came to the United States first back in 1993 when UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championships were introduced. Currently, some of the biggest MMA fights are still being sold on pay-per-view, so you’ll have to pay or head to your local bar in order to catch these fights, but you can still get your bets down on them whenever there is a fight. Not only are sports betting sites going to offer you the option to bet on the big time fights out there, but they are also going to offer you the option to bet on the side fights that come along with each event as well. They’ve expanded not only the fights that you can bet on, but they also are going to offer you different betting types for each of the fights also, meaning that you have a ton of different ways to put your action down.

Straight Bets

As you can imagine, the most popular type of bet out there is the straight bet, but it’s important to note that because of how huge the difference in odds can be, it’s often that this bet just isn’t worth it unless you like the underdog. Basically here you can seriously see a massive range in the odds of straight bets in an MMA fight. If two fighters were going at it, you might see the favorite be -330, so you’d have to bet $330 just to win $100 back on the bet. On the other side though, the underdog could be +285, so if you bet $100 you would win $285. This is just an example, as these odds can move around a whole lot.

If you see that the odds are just released on a fight, but the favorite’s odds are pretty low, and you like the bet, then you may want to jump on it. These odds are going to move pretty quickly for the favorite if they are a popular choice. Obviously though, if you like the underdog to pull the upset, I may actually sit on the bet and watch the odds for a day or so to see how they move around after the original odds get released from the different sports betting sites.

Prop Betting

An interesting bet in MMA today is definitely prop betting. Just like in many other sports, like the NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, and other sports, MMA fights will have different props available on the board. You can bet on when you think the fight is going to be won by a specific fighter, and this will typically be a specific round, or a range of rounds. You can also bet on the fight going to a decision, and then bet on which fighter you think will end up winning the decision when all is said and done. The odds on these bets are obviously going to be better than betting on the favorite or the underdog straight up, because they are absolutely tougher bets to call.

Prop betting can be tough in MMA, but if you have a strong feeling that the two fighters are going to be able to go back and forth through the fight, and you like one side, then betting on a decision for the side that you favor could be an excellent bet that could get you some improved odds as well.

MMA Betting Strategy

There is definitely a different strategy when betting on MMA, as it’s so much different than many sports. The odds on these fights are going to be varying so much, so betting on fighters straight up as favorites just won’t be profitable, especially because one upset can really change everything. I’d recommend not only watching the main fights, but checking out the side fights to find some of the best possible underdog bets, and trying to parlay bets together as well. Also, if you really like a pretty heavy favorite, try to get a feel for when you think the fight may come to an end, and look at getting a prop bet down on them so that you aren’t giving up as much with the odds. Don’t force it though, because if you don’t have any feel about the length of the fight then this bet could be a waste of money!

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